Motorola foldable phone concept opens up into a tablet

Foldable smartphones could be the next big thing, and Motorola has at least one design patented and ready to go.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) approved a Motorola patent (via LetsGoDigital) for a folding phone design. The design includes a long rectangular screen that can be folded for a phone-like experience or unfolded to work like a tablet. The phone patent shows a flexible display that wraps around a hinge, plus a cover that can protect the display or prop the phone up like a tent. The cover could even provide wireless charging if desired.

The patent was originally filed in September 2016, so the company has been thinking about the concept for years, and may have already moved past this specific idea.

Motorola joins a long list of other phone makers (like Samsung, Apple and Huawei) reportedly working on foldable phones.

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