Honda revamps its iconic Monkey mini motorcycle for a new century

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The original Honda Z-Series, a low-powered miniature motorbike that became an iconic symbol of the late 1960s/early 1970s counterculture and, owing to a handlebar design that made riders resemble primates in profile, was commonly known as the Monkey. Honda’s bringing the ape back into full production in the form of the Monkey 125 (£TBC), sporting a similarly compact silhouette to its aged predecessor as well as mod cons aplenty (LED lighting, LCD display, ABS braking) and 9bhp. Small in stature but big on charm, the 2018 Monkey will arrive in three colourways – Banana Yellow, Pearl Nebula Red and Pearl Shining Black – a 125cc air-cooled engine and the same old-timey Honda wing logo as the original.

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