Best Xbox One Games for Kids in 2018

If you’re unsure which Xbox games are suitable for younger gamers, we’ve got you covered! These games are suitable for kids of all ages, but we noted the few that might have more difficulty, befitting of older boys and girls.

These are all non-violent, super fun, and often inspiring titles that prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that gaming can be for everyone. Here are our picks for the best Xbox One games for kids today!

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a super cute farming simulation game with an edge of sci-fi fun. In Slime Rancher, your job is to cultivate a slime farm in outer space.

You grow specific foods to meet the needs of specific slimes, explore large alien sandboxes, discover new cute slimes to wrangle back to your customizable farm, all while trying to turn a profit.

Slime Rancher is a fun and light game for players of all ages, available for $19.99.

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