Android P is finally making changes to controversial emoji

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ANDROID will ditch its gun emoji in favour of a water pistol as Google catches up with the changes first made by Apple back in 2016.

Google’s Android P mobile operating system could be the first version to get a new water pistol emoji instead of the current gun.

Apple first swapped out the gun weapon for a more playful water pistol back in 2016 with its iOS 10 updates.

According to Emojipedia, Google has now updated its NotoColorEmoji library with the new water pistol emoji design instead of a gun.

The update will help to minimize cross-platform confusion by creating the same image, at least roughly, between devices.

So this update should mean that when an iPhone user sends a water pistol emoji to an Android user, they won’t receive a gun but a similar water pistol.

Samsung, Twitter and WhatsApp – following Apple – updated their emoji libraries to use a water pistol instead of a gun. Microsoft and Facebook are still using the gun emoji at the time of publishing, although Facebook has confirmed it is working on an update.

Facebook is probably a bit busy worrying about the Cambridge Analytica scandal right now though.

Microsoft is busy working on its new Windows 10 April update, so perhaps we’ll see new emoji appear with that.

That said, Microsoft did start with a toy gun, which it changed to a real gun, so perhaps changing back again is too much effort.

Excuses aside, Google has a new Gmail incoming and that hasn’t stopped it fixing up Android.

LG and HTC seem to have abandoned their own custom emojis in favour of using the stock offerings from Google in Android. So they should also get the new water pistol if this update appears in the Android P rollout.

There is a chance that the new water pistol emoji will land on current Android phones with Android Oreo and Nougat. This is thanks to Google’s ability to update its EmojiCompact library separately to the operating system. However, it seems likely this be saved as a new part of the new Android P package when that arrives.

Emojis are now a major part of text-based communication and have even been found helpful as a way to find love.


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